A better environment starts at home

Evax also contributes to a better world, even though those contributions may be small. But they still matter.
Together, we make this world a little bit more beautiful, enabling the next generation to enjoy our planet too.

Corporate social responsibility

Evax strongly believes in corporate social responsibility. Our goal is a sustainable form of business operations and during that process, we focus on the 3 Ps: People, Planet and Profit. Making the right considerations between these three pillars safeguards the health of the business and its surroundings, not only from a financial point of view but above all in terms of the health of our staff and customers.

Corporate social responsibility

We have listed some of the results and targets of Evax in the field of sustainability:

Environmentally friendly

  • Our service vans comply with the latest Euro-6 emission standard, with the aim of reducing our CO2 emissions to a minimum
  • All our departments meticulously separate their waste
  • We use recyclable rags
  • By using digital invoices and workslips, we save both time and paper
  • Oil is disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner
  • All lamps have been replaced with low-energy LED lighting
  • Our buildings are well-insulated, saving a lot of energy
  • Evax applies a central planning strategy, with short lines between the planner, driver, office staff and customer. It's highly efficient!
  • The workshops are fitted with excellent extraction systems and filters
  • The wash units are fitted with an oil and grease separator.
  • Petrol equipment is refuelled only with Aspen fuel to safeguard cleaner combustion to reduce the emission of harmful substances.
  • We add additives to the fuel during (preventive) maintenance. These additives clean the engine, they lower fuel consumption and facilitate the combustion of fuel. The result: lower emissions!

Customer advice

  • We give our customers advice about (preventive) maintenance so that machines continue to perform optimally.
  • We also give customers detailed information about the correct and economic use of the machines.

Social contribution

  • Evax is an approved work placement company within our sector, which means we are popular among students.

We are happy to sponsor various local and regional sector-related associations and events.


Please contact us, we are happy to assist you!

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Ganzestaartsedijk 23
5525 KC Duizel

Tel: +31 497-591 444
Email: info@evax.nl


Helenaveenseweg 14
5985 NM Grashoek

Tel: +31 77-306 6050
Email: info.grashoek@evax.nl

About Evax

Evax in Duizel is the ideal address for the sale, repair and maintenance of new and second-hand machinery and equipment. From loader to tractor and from chipper to brush cutter: we are happy to assist you from our branches in Duizel and Grashoek.